• Who we are

Who we are

An Italian company founded in 1978.
The company has a plant situated in the town of Cerreto Guidi (FI) covering an area of 9300 square metres where all the production processes, from receipt of the raw materials to shipments of the finished products, are handled.
A production capacity of about 65 M/square metres per year spread over three shifts and a highly efficient logistics capacity thanks to the automated warehouse which guarantees minimum delivery times.
A company which found its niche right away in the field of adhesive materials (PSA) for the production of labels, offering high quality products to the various commodity sectors.
Our customers' loyalty and the continuous growth of the PSA sector in terms of paper and glue technology, has led to the significant, fast growth of the company.
The evolution of packaging, improvements in quality, the spread of new printing techniques, the increasing production capacity of customers and compliance with industry regulations have generated the need to use new fronts, adhesives and increasingly high performance and quality silicone backings.

Our products used by the largest producers and consumers of adhesive labels, include several patents developed by the company's R&S laboratory, among which the anti-forgery technology.